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Top 5 Methods to Get Funds for Your Startup Idea

Startup business funding is always the sticking issue when it comes to expanding and proliferating a startup. Your business idea will never become a reality unless you have the money to materialize it.  And, that’s where the main problem lies, getting startup funding for your business. So, what are the best ways to acquire startup[…]

Startup financing

Startup Financing: 7 Key Funding Options for Your Business

Startups emerge from the seed of an idea. Dedication, careful planning, strategies, foresight, the drive & passion to succeed—it takes a lot to turn a simple idea into an operational business. And, let’s not forget—you will also need substantial funding as well. Finance is the lifeblood of any business. You need money to turn your[…]


Mentorship and Startup Growth: How They Can Strengthen Each Other?

The growth and success of a startup depend upon many factors. Enough funding, the right vision & strategies, and the ability to tackle adverse market conditions; a combination of all such critical factors is vital to a business’ continual existence.  Unfortunately, many startups struggle to keep themselves relevant and fail within the first 2 to[…]

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Boosting tech start-up growth in Africa

 It was the year when African tech startup funding passed the $2 billion mark, according to an article on Disrupt Africa. 564 tech startups acquired more than $ 2.1 billion worth of funding last year. 2021 was a landmark year for the African startup sector. Founders of the fastest-growing tech startups, such as Chipper Cash, TymeBank,[…]

The Key to Start-Up Success is Business Management

The Key to Start-Up Success is Business Management

It is one thing to have an exceptional business idea. It is a whole other thing to build a successful enterprise around it. You may have all the money and access to all the necessary resources to kickstart your business the way you always wanted. But, without proper planning and management, things will crumble like[…]

Business skills

Which Skills Should You Have To Build for a Small Business?

The Seven Essential Business Skills for Starting A Small Business Establishing a business successfully is not a simple feat. First, an array of skills is necessary for developing, growing, sustaining, and turning your new venture into a profit-making machine. Whether you are tech startup founders or entrepreneurs with tech ideas in Africa, identifying that skill[…]


Supporting Tech Unicorns in Africa- Investing in Africa’s Future Unicorns

The continent of Africa is defying global trends. While the rest of the world shudders in the wake of a pandemic, we have African unicorn start-ups enjoying phenomenal success & brilliant growth.  According to an article in African. Business, the year 2020 saw start-ups around Africa raise a record $4.2 billion, which increased to $4.9[…]


Start-ups: Understanding Pre-Seed Funding

Metamorphosing a business dream into a successful, thriving venture is not easy at all. It takes a lot of courage. A huge dose of self-confidence, solid business acumen, a clear vision, a quick intelligent wit, and proper financial support. However, with the right kind of start-up funding, any entrepreneur can materialize their dream and take[…]