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Africa start-up seed funding – For entrepreneurs from the ground up

The phenomenal success stories of tech start-ups across Africa are nothing short of fairy tales. Africa’s  sector is defying global trends and showcasing incredible resilience in the face of increasing economic uncertainty. According to an article on Bloomberg, the booming technology-dominated start-up sector in Africa witnessed inflows of a whopping $2.7 billion since January 2022. […]

Pre-seed funding

Pre-seed funding for projects – Realizing dreams

Pre-seed Startup funding has its nuances. Entrepreneurs must be able to think in advance and anticipate potential opportunities, crucial stages, and all possible pitfalls. As a startup owner, the onus is on you to understand how best to use seed funding & when you will be needing more funds.  Pre-seed funding breathes life into ideas.[…]

Start-Up funding

Understanding Start-Up Funding Stages

Money is a critical cog in the human economy. Whether you are a megacorporation or a promising startup, you need funds to keep things running. Without continual, necessary funding, things eventually come to a screeching halt, lets Understand Start-Up Funding Stages.  Up-coming entrepreneurs need to thoroughly understand all the different stages of  funding & how[…]

initial funding

When a Startup startup get initial funding, What Happens Next?

  initial funding is the lifeblood of any entrepreneurship. Getting the right funds is a huge milestone in itself. But, that’s just the beginning. Once a startup secures necessary funding, the journey truly begins. It is time to set targets, adjust pre–emptive plans, and take the right steps.  The actions a budding business takes after[…]

Venture Capital: Why is it Important for Startups capital to get seed funding?

Venture Capital: Why is it Important for Startups capital to get seed funding?

Being an entrepreneur is a daunting endeavor, and takes a lot of courage and strength to chase the yearning dream.  The portrait on the canvas becomes a reality only when you make an astute move at this momentous point in your life. To start with, the most elementary function that triggers the successful start for[…]


Funding for pre-seed projects – Making dreams come true

The inception of every business starts with a top-notch idea that is always expected to be rewarding. However, without unassailable pre-seed funding or  startup business funding, the dream would look light years away from reality! Thus, irrespective of being a small business startup or a medium-scaled one, without funding, the tottering legs can never race[…]


Mentorship, Strategic Connections, and the Secret Recipe to Raise Funding for Tech-Based Start-Ups in Africa

Let’s be honest here, there is no dearth of venture capital firms in Africa. However, the painstaking job is to find the right network of investors who can get you the business funding. There’s no shying away from conceding that raising startup business funding takes a lot more than is anticipated. You need to get[…]

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How venture capital firms could make value for pre-seed startups?

If a checklist is formulated to understand how to get started with a startup, the following three line items are mandated,  Idea Team Funding The ratification of this checklist cannot be refuted. Once the idea becomes the headlamp of the startup machine, and the team is ready to drive, all that is needed is the[…]

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Upcoming Entrepreneur Can Get Pre-Seed Funding From a VC Firm

What makes an idea transform into a business?  A poignant question indeed, especially for tech startups, who have a plethora of ideas that can bring a metamorphosis in the industry. But, how?  The simplest answer to this is nothing but MONEY! That’s right. It’s the funded capital that acts as the perfect propellant for transmuting[…]

Great startup

How do you become a great startup leader?

The main virtue of being a leader is to be visionary and master the art of being a soothsayer. Seeing and feeling the undulating rhythm of one’s business’s destiny is when a leader takes the next step. In this discourse, find the path to be a remarkable startup leader! Start with the basics of startup[…]