How to Approach a VC Firm for Pre-Seed Funding?

Before you hop onto this exhilarating ride to chase the best of ways to raise pre-seed funding and hunt the best seed fund investors in Africa, here’s a sneak peek at how powerful pre-seed funding can fuel your dreams to soar high:

By identifying the tremendous persuasive and cogent demand for crypto, a brand understands its worth and beats the competition with a simple and wise decision – find the right investors to raise pre-seed funding.

Nestcoin raised $6.45M pre-seed and today withholds an authoritarian dictatorship in the market to expand and flourish further.

Now imagine, what wonders can pre-seed funding brings to your brand only if you find it, chase it, and win it at the right time. Speaking in this regard, this gets even more vital for tech startups. The right VC firm for tech startups can make you delve into roads that look challenging without investors.

How to Get Started on the Pitch that Sells!

Finding the right investors or a VC firm for tech is a daunting task and requires a definitive approach to make the right pitch. Be it a seed fund or raising pre-seed funding for tech startups, without the right direction, you are certainly shooting arrows in the dark.

An analysis found that only about 427 startups among 13500 in Africa, including many tech startups, raised more than $2 billion in pre-seed and seed funding on average.

This statistic is a clear reflection of the poorly bred knowledge amongst the aspiring entrepreneurs on how to approach investors for tech startups. Pitching is therefore never enough; The real test of your mettle comes from your knowledge of how to recruit investors.

Here are a few of the guiding ways to ensure you are all ready for approaching the investors:

  • Have business numbers commit to memory

When approaching investors for tech startups or any other type of startup for that matter, one thing that you should be super confident about is your business numbers. This includes your equity demands, sales, revenue numbers, and future goals and predictions as well. Remember, an efficient VC firm would test your speedy understanding of business economics.

  • If you have it, Make sure to flaunt it!

When you approach investors or VC firms for tech startups, your first impression of how strong and sound your team is can make your pitch go a long way. For example, if you are a tech startup, and you have a team member who has a technological background and is a veteran, you are quite likely to win the pre-seed funding.

  • Having an MVP

Showing the results of a minimum viable product can seal the deal for you as directly it exhibits the early traction of your business growth. When you have an MVP, seed fund investors would automatically asses your potential on grounds of market research, consumer feedback, etc. With your sales pitch, you can also enhance the same by adding pointers that voice your future advancements of the MVP.

  • Display of Milestones – Achieved and Wish to Achieve

Investors for tech startups especially love to hear what key milestones you have achieved so far and more critical to that, what more achievements you envision in the future. To raise seed funds, you need to project under the brightest light what accomplishments you have earned so far. Automatically that adds extra brownie points and expedites the credibility levels.

Nice Scroll so far? Wait for the BEST ONE!

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