Mentorship, Strategic Connections, and the Secret Recipe to Raise Funding for Tech-Based Start-Ups in Africa


Let’s be honest here, there is no dearth of venture capital firms in Africa.

However, the painstaking job is to find the right network of investors who can get you the business funding. There’s no shying away from conceding that raising startup business funding takes a lot more than is anticipated. You need to get a comprehensive understanding of finding optimally sounded venture capital firms for your business. 

With reports from the African Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (AVCA). It suggests the massive success happening in the entrepreneurial landscape of the continent. This is quite apparent to speculate that there are a bountiful of venture capital firms in Africa that are proficient in their jobs. 

One paragon example of this is the Kenya-based company, Mara, dealing majorly in crypto exchange, and raised astronomical funding of $23M! This gets clear as daylight on the existence of powerful sources of business funding, with their secret recipe that you need to find and identify.

Hence, what you must be doing?

Trekking on an expedition to find funding for startups, therefore, demands you to be cognizant of the key factors that determine the credibility of the venture capital firms. Without you being perceptive on how to assess and examine the investors who can get you the business funding, it’s a sheer waste of time, effort, and energy to seek one. 

Studies by notable African governments have suggested that innumerable entrepreneurs and startup foundations have been raising a cry for help with a funding gap that exceeds a staggering number of more than US$140 billion. This means you have the path, but not the direction. 

Thus, to get the business funding for your startup which makes it to the winning spot of the race, you need to weaponize yourself with the knowledge of finding the best venture capital firms in Africa. 

The Mark of GOOD and BAD

The mark of good and bad when it comes to choosing the right venture capital firm for business funding can be fiddly and dicey. As a startup owner, while pursuing business funding, have a very well-defined checklist for yourself and refer to the same for your evaluation. 

This checklist would essentially comprise:

  • The credibility of the VC firm
  • Value-added contributions to the funding
  • Scanning the firm’s investing legacy details
  • Assessing  if the firm invests in funding for startups

One of the most defining factors in identifying the best venture capital firm to raise funding for startups is mentorship..

As the business cycle progresses, mentorship and strategic connections offered by a business funding firm will appear as a blessing.

Exit, but with PROFIT!

Before you go and exit this space, here’s the best takeaway for your startup. Known as one of the best venture capital firms for startup and tech-startups business funding, Blaq Ventures. The name that stands synonymous with prominence, worth, and assurance. 

Guiding on every step, superior mentorship by experts from Blaq Ventures would help your startup to justifiably use the funding amount. They will provide you with knowledge on how to allocate necessary funds under respective business brackets. 

Furthermore, strategic connections to a vast network of experts and professionals would contribute 10x more profit to your startup.

That being said, there are a lot more yet to be explored and discovered. 

A lot more awaits, a lot more to be gained – be the one who takes the bold step!