Startups and Their Sources of Funding: A Quick Look

Startup funding in Africa is a big maze! Either you find the right way to march ahead, or end up in a whirlpool of lost tracks. As a startup, you must have a thorough understanding of the best venture capital firms that can aid you effectively. 

Since fundraising is a critical part of any entrepreneurial journey, aspiring business owners must ensure they onboard the correct pre-seed investors for startups. Quickly let’s assess why having strong sources of funding is so vital for a startup. 

Why Sources for Startup Funding are Essential?

With so many players participating in the maddening rush of business establishments, looking for the best venture capital firms can be very challenging. 

According to the Silicon Valley Bank Startup Outlook Survey report, more than 80% of entrepreneurs found it extremely difficult to find reliable and worthy pre-seed investors for startups


And why so?

The chief reason is: not knowing the right sources for startup funding. Only when you have a transparent understanding of how you can reach out to the best venture capital firms, it can be then that the fundraising process for your startup starts talking in the language of profits!

2 Best Recommended Sources of Startup Funding for Startups

One of the latest data survey reports shows that the startups in the African continent showed massive competency by raising more than 2.1 billion U.S. dollars in the last year! This itself is a potent statement that supports the fact that unless you know the correct sources of startup funding, raising only capital is not helping you to achieve your goals. 

Here are the two highly recommended startup funding sources that have always been considered as the kingmakers:

  • Venture Capital Firms (for startups at an early stage or a late stage)
  • Pre-Seed Investors (for startups at an early stage)

To start with, venture capital firms, institutional investors, can be understood as a form of private financing, which is considered by countless startups for funding. Venture capital firms are a great choice for startup funding because of their profitable equity exchange.

Credible data shows that more than 10,000 companies went for opting best venture capital firms and have been successfully funded via various rounds. 

The flip side of the story is that finding the best venture capital firms in Africa is not an easy ride. You might come across many firms for your startup funding, however, not all of them can make the magic happen for your business. So choose very wisely!

Pre-seed investors for startups, including pre-seed institutional investors, are ideal for entrepreneurs who are setting their foot in the market at the infancy stage of their business. 

When you are new or starting your business with a little bit of traction, startup funding gets even more critical. At this stage, along with capital, you would also need guidance and mentoring which the right pre-seed investors for startups can provide you with efficacy.


Decoding Startup Funding with the Best Venture Capital Firms 

Are you all ready and gearing up for startup funding? Take the right decision with the best early-stage venture capital firms. Renowned as one of the popular pre-seed institutional investors for tech startups in Africa, Blaq Ventures is a name that can get the ball rolling for your business!


  • Pre-seed funding and possible robust follow-on funding in next rounds
  • Expert Guidance and Consistent Mentoring in a 9-month program
  • Strategic connections

you would experience a lot beyond startup funding! Experience the new age of pre-seed institutional investors for African tech startups with Blaq Ventures.

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