Upcoming Entrepreneur Can Get Pre-Seed Funding From a VC Firm


What makes an idea transform into a business? 

A poignant question indeed, especially for tech startups, who have a plethora of ideas that can bring a metamorphosis in the industry. But, how? 

The simplest answer to this is nothing but MONEY!

That’s right. It’s the funded capital that acts as the perfect propellant for transmuting your idea into a business. And the best guys who can help cast your dream as a reality broadcast are the venture capital firms

Now if you simply walk into your browser and type for best venture capital firms in Africa, you would be stormed with results in abundance. 

But the scrutiny of which venture capital firms for tech would be congruous to your business ideology is a hazardous game. At times, ending up with a mediocre VC firm can cost massively. Repairing that damage is not just heavily taxing but incurs a toll to frame as a memory for a lifetime!

Thus, at a climacteric juncture of transforming your idea into a business, you have to ensure finding the best venture capital firms for tech

The Prologue to a Great Business Start…

When you seek funding for tech startups, especially if you start afresh, the best way to start is with pre-seed funding. With a stable, early-stage investment, you can scale up the ladder pretty faster. 

As per data derived from various surveys conducted on pre-seed funding in Africa, a boastful number can be seen reflecting gloriously on the continent’s economics map. A steady and sharp rise from 2019 to 2020, accounting for the headway of pre-seed funding generated from USD 3.2 million to USD 5.7 million.

Thus, pre-seed funding nurtures startups from an infancy stage to full-grown businesses.

Various Genres of Pre-Seed Funding 

Speaking of pre-seed funding, the big daddy of all times is of course venture capital firms. However, there are quite a several other options available too to raise the first round of capital. 

Angel investors, Crowdfunding, are other means via which you can raise pre-seed funding for your business. 

But before you give in to the rush, one thing you must acknowledge as a Bible truth is that for pre-seed funding nothing comes in even close comparison with venture capital firms. This gets even more relevant with tech startups.

Start scouting for the best venture capital firms for tech and begin your march when you are ready with, 

  • a great pitch
  • a prototype
  • a revenue model
  • sales figures
  • a sound team
  • an MVP (minimum viable product)

According to Crunchbase, more than 108 venture capital firms are officially listed for seed funding and pre-seed funding. But yes, the debate of segmenting between the good and bad remains always. 

The Boarding Pass of an Idea into Reality!

Pre-seed funding stands out to be an eminent factor in the course of the investment cycle, never settling for average or mediocre venture capital firms. When your idea is strong, you need a VC firm that flies your idea at a Boeing speed, transforming it into a flourishing business. 

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