Which Skills Should You Have To Build for a Small Business?

The Seven Essential Business Skills for Starting A Small Business

Establishing a business successfully is not a simple feat. First, an array of skills is necessary for developing, growing, sustaining, and turning your new venture into a profit-making machine. Whether you are tech startup founders or entrepreneurs with tech ideas in Africa, identifying that skill set and having proper knowledge about the central aspects of running,  A day-to-day business is crucial for a flourishing business.

So, what critical skills must every small business owner know from the get-go? Here are Seven vital skills that leading venture capital firms consider crucial for a small business’ success.

   1. Financial Management 

Whether you are starting a small business online or in the conventional brick & mortar fashion, money management is crucial. The biggest private venture capital firms across Africa emphasize this factor immensely, citing the criticality of forecasting sales, cash flow, profits, liquidity, investments, taxes, etc.

   2. Hiring & Delegating

As your business grows, you need extra hands to handle the different responsibilities. Hiring the right employees and choosing the right person for a job are things every small business must master. In gernal, every entrepreneur should train themselves in delegating duties to focus on aspects that demand an owner’s/manager’s attention.

   3. Time Management

One of the most crucial skills for any business owner is time management which is key to success. As the owner and the chief brain behind the entire organization, you are responsible for making crucial decisions, driving growth, and navigating through hurdles. 

All such choices require managing the time at hand and delegating tasks with informed precision.

   4. Leadership 

Owners need to be great leaders. They have to guide & motivate their subjects towards excellence and take the business forward despite all challenges in pursuit of sustained profits. A good leader should be emotionally intelligent and mentor & coach with the intent of getting the best out of their employees in any situation.  

Small business investors and venture capital firms generally look for entrepreneurs with eye-catching leadership skills. They know that such individuals can lead any startup to success and rake in significant returns.

   5. Sales & Marketing 

Small business owners generally do not have dedicated marketing departments and must focus substantially on the sales & marketing aspects. In other words, it is equally important, in the initial stages of a startup, that the business owner/s takes it upon himself/themselves to market their MVP, ensure maximum sales, and handle all finances.

   6. Creativity & Proactivity

A creative startup leader can devise innovative tactics to trump the opposition or sustain the business through tough times. However, they must be able to think & act proactively & come up with solutions and strategies for continual success. 

   7. Resilience & Adaptability

Tough times are unavoidable, and business owners must be well prepared for anything. They must be ready to adapt and tackle any scenario, problem, or circumstance with a clear focus & calculated approach. 

And those are the 7 essential skills you will need to kickstart your small business. If you are a budding entrepreneur & have what it takes to elevate your business to a new level, then destiny awaits! 

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