Venture Capital: Why is it Important for Startups capital to get seed funding?

Being an entrepreneur is a daunting endeavor, and takes a lot of courage and strength to chase the yearning dream. 

The portrait on the canvas becomes a reality only when you make an astute move at this momentous point in your life.

To start with, the most elementary function that triggers the successful start for your business is raising funding. Many business owners make the unpardonable mistake of settling for any venture capital firm in their mad rush for entrepreneurship.

According to surveys, more than 90% of startups succumbed to extinction from the market, due to poor capital funding. 

Thus, having a stellar team and a revolutionary idea is not yet good enough to launch your entrepreneurial dream. The throttle that it needs is getting funding from notable private venture capital firms. 

The Right Time to Approach Venture Capital Firms: The Unbiased Dogma

As experts have vouched, there’s no need to wait for a spectral moment to seek venture capital for your business’s funding. If you have the conviction of your business climbing to the apex of success, make the call to a private venture capital firm right away. 

However, if there’s a debate about when a company should look for venture capital, it has to be during its early stages, undoubtedly.

The concerning gap in funding, which is a mandate symptom during the early stages of a startup, is controllable and sizable. Studies about the funding cycles of startups in Africa show a good percentage of startups seeking early-stage venture capital from private firms

Quite evidently, asking a private firm for venture capital during the initial stages of the startup is now a patented truth!

Adding More to the Rationale behind Reasoning…

One of the most successful startups and accelerators of the continent’s economy is Sherpa Ventures. It can be an exemplary study to analyze how VC funding is essential during the early stages of business. 

According to Aaron Fu, co-founder of Sherpa Ventures, early-stage funding drives the thriving ecosystem of startups. Furthermore, he adds, bootstrapping founders overcame threats and strengthened business architecture from within in the last ten years.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and yet not knocking on the door of a recognized private firm for VC , you are costing each second critically. 

Opportunity Walks In for you; RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.

Before you approach a private firm for your business funding, make sure you are teaming with the right folks. 

They should be, 

  • accredited amongst the best venture capital firms
  • adding value beyond funding
  • offering a bonus mix of mentorship and guidance

But, hang on before you set out with the checklist. Known as one of Africa’s top tech venture capital firms, Blaq Ventures is a name of confidence for many entrepreneurs.

As a private firm for venture capital, it offers endless opportunities beyond funding that helps in expanding the horizons of your business. Blaq Ventures funding is unique, it focuses on not just monetary power but also expertise to win the competitive war.

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